Reasonable accommodation


CMIT recognises its responsibility to make anticipatory and reasonable adjustments to the provision of services and policies and procedures where appropriate and actively seeks to widen the participation of people in education.

CMIT will accommodate any specific learner requests, but the integrity of the assessment process must be maintained. Due to the distance and eLearning nature of CMIT course delivery; the onus is on the learner to complete their studies and course assessments according to the requirements of the accreditation body.

CMIT will provide reasonable accommodation to meet the needs of a learner who has a disability. In the context of assessment, reasonable accommodation is the term for the adaptation of assessment as necessary to cater for the needs of learners whose personal situation means that the assessment would otherwise be unfair e.g. learners with a disability, and/or other learners covered by equality legislation.

CMIT reasonable accommodation supports

  • Programmes are designed to appeal to those who are normally unable to access further education, due to geographic constraints, time constraints, people who are housebound, visually/hearing impaired or physically restricted individuals.
  • Tutor support is available by email to support hearing impaired learners.
  • Electronic files are provided (where possible) to facilitate computer “screen readers” to support visually impaired learners. Samples will be sent in advance to ensure compatibility.
  • Submission of assignments by mp3 audio supports visually impaired learners. Assignments may be completed via mp3 audio to facilitate visually impaired learners.
  • Learners with dyslexia, who inform the college of this learning difficulty, will be allowed: (1) extra time to submit their course assessments, and (2) an individual, selected by the learner, to proof and correct errors but not amend the substance of the learner’s work. No marks shall be deducted for spelling or grammar mistakes provided that the communication of the learner’s ideas has not been impeded.

Making CMIT Aware of your needs

  • It is the responsibility of the learner to inform CMIT of any specific learning difficulty that they may have so that CMIT may be able to reasonably accommodate the learner. If the student does not communicate this to the college, CMIT will be unable to offer support.
  • Learners have the opportunity to identify their needs in this regard within their Personal Learning Plan.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained as far as is reasonable and consistent with ensuring the appropriate provision of effective support. With learner permission, the tutor and personnel involved in the Internal and External verification will be informed of a learner’s specific learning difficulty, prior to the learner’s work being graded.

Reasonable Accommodation Request Form

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