Viewing videos

In CMIT, we use sometimes use Flash video which is a global internet standard. If you are having trouble viewing our video content films from the site, please follow the advice below. Some video content may not be compatible with particular browsers. If you are unable to view the video please try using a different browser e.g. Internet Explorer. Following this if you are still unable to view the video follow the steps below.

Perform an Initial Test

In order to determine if there is a problem with your PC settings, first click on the link below to see if you can view the “my colours” video on the page. This video is located on another website which hosts flash video. Click on the “my colours” image to start the video. If the video does not load, then you will need to adjust your PC settings and proceed with the solutions below.  Click here to run this test


Solution 1. In order to watch our films you must have the Adobe Flash Player plugin in your browser. This can be downloaded free of charge. Click here to install the latest Flash Player

Solution 2. If the playback is broken by pauses, this could be because you are using a slow connection. Or it might be that other users or applications are consuming your bandwidth. Try pausing the film once it has started and allowing it to buffer further; this will enable smoother playback.

Solution 3. Update your browser to the latest version or try an alternative web browser. The most common browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Solution 4.Try temporarily disabling any ad-blocking software you may be using as this can sometimes prevent normal site performance.

Solution 5. Some computers will not display video unless they are in 24- or 32-bit color mode. If you are using Windows, right-click on your desktop and select ‘Properties’. Then click the ‘Settings’ tab. A section near the lower-right corner is labelled ‘Color Quality’. Select either 24-bit (high color) or 32-bit (true color) from the drop down menu. If you are using another operating system, please refer to the manual or online help.

Solution 6. If the video plays but you can hear no sound, first check the volume controls on the player. The loudspeaker button mutes all sound. The slider controls the volume. If you still can’t hear any sound after using these, check the sound options on your computer, and finally that your speakers or headphones are correctly installed and turned on.


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