Formatting QQI assessments

Before you start your assessment work, please read the following important information regarding the formatting of assessments. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in a request to resubmit your assessment.

Check that each submission meets the guidelines below before submitting for Tutor review.

General requirements

  • Assessments must be typed and should be in a single Microsoft Word or Works document.
  • You are required to submit one single word document containing all of the tasks required for each assessment clearly labelled.
  • File names must be no longer than 20 characters. Example: Assessment 1
  • There are file size restrictions for assessment submissions. Uploads that exceed the specified file size will not be accepted.
  • Assessments must be submitted one at a time and you must wait for a Proceed from your Tutor before submitting the next assessment.
  • If discussing other people e.g. work colleagues/ employees/managers/clients etc. in an assessment you must change their name or use an abbreviation of their name.
  • For resubmits, you must remove your original submission and resubmit the entire assessment again, with amendments made.


  • The first page of your assessment must contain the following information: (1) Assessment Number (2) Student Number.
  • All tasks must be clearly labelled as per the assessment document (i.e. Task 1, Task 2, etc).
  • Each new task must be started on a new page in the assessment document.
  • Make use of subheadings and other formatting in presenting assessments.
  • All assessments must be in Arial font, 12-font size, in 1.5 line spacing.
  • All assessment pages should be “justified.”
  • Page numbers must be applied to all pages in the assessment.

Style and Language

Assessments must be written in an appropriate style of language:

  • Use ‘English (Ireland)’ on your Word or Works documents, this will ensure the correct spelling and grammar is being used.
  • Please do not use “Text Speak” in assessments, email, or messages; you should at all-time use English in the correct context. For example “grt” should be “great” and “u” should always be “you”.
  • You are required to use professional business language when composing assessments.


  • All assessments must be referenced as per the college policy and guidelines.
  • Please see the How to reference and Plagiarism Policy articles for further details.


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